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Pure You Nutrition Welcomes You

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Why Choose Nutrition

Too often in today’s busy world our day grind is a chore.

 The day starts of with hitting snooze on the alarm clock  several times before  jumping out of bed mumbling "I am late again!!" Then we grab a slice of toast and rush out the door, bundling kids into the car to get them to school on time before we go to work to enter another day of juggling several tasks, a quick bite in between tasks or meetings, running back out the door to get the kids after school and Once home more juggling of homework, dinner housework and Then COLLASPE into bed to repeat the following day.


Does this sound familiar?  This toll on the body can result in fatigue, high and on-going stress, poor sleep, and beyond that can even impact on the thyroid, headaches, weight management issues, hormone issues such as low mood, PMS, PCOS, even fertility, skin conditions such as eczema, allergies e.g. hay fever or even autoimmune conditions. The list goes on....

This is your body’s way of saying ENOUGH, I need help!

Fortunately taking control back is possible and with the help of a nutritional therapist you can start your journey today to achieve balance and wellness.

Róisín's Story

I have always had a love of food. As such I studied a BSc Hons Food Quality, Safety and Nutrition. I took employment in the food industry and worked there for a number of years. As time went on health issues developed I turned to nutrition to help bring my health back. I discovered the College of Naturopathic Medicine and I decided to return to study nutrition in more detail.   Four years on this passion has become my business.


Taking this love of food and the ability to use it to help others restore their health to their potential is an absolute privilege. Simple changes to diet and lifestyle can make such a huge positive difference.  By using scientific research to access the latest knowledge of food and its nutrients I develop a nutrition and lifestyle plan to help clients with different issues - many of which are chronic.  This may also be bolstered by using Food Intolerance testing which enables me to further develop a more personalised plan.


Highlighting my dedication and commitment to this profession I am a member of the Association of Naturopathic Practitioners (ANP) a registered

Organisation ensuring high standards and continues personal development opportunities to stay abreast of new research and guidance.

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1-1 Consultation

1-1 consultations are based on nutritional therapy and functional medicine based approach.
A full history will be taken to look at what symptoms you are experiencing, your medical history and your family's medical history. A nutrition and lifestyle assessment will also take place. 
The initial consultation lasts between 60 and 90 minutes.
A follow up visit will usually take place 4-6 weeks later, with weekly check-ins provided to give the support needed.

Functional Testing

This can be used, where it would be beneficial to determine if there are underlying hormone or nutrient imbalances. This will be a joint decision. 

 Food Intolerance Testing

Some individuals prefer to test for foods that are suspected of causing a reaction within the body. Food intolerance testing is used which can test between 75 to over 200 foods.

Homeobotanical Therapy

Using herbs in a tincture to help restore balance to the body.   The herbs are used in addition to nutrition and lifestyle changes to help create harmony. These can be used to help with detoxification or to help with stress.

Meal Planning and Nutritional Coaching

For busy people who would like a helping hand to get started. 

A 4 week plan to help transition the move from processed foods to cooking from scratch. I can help you plan your menu with a  view to overall general health for you and all the family.

For more information please get in contact. 

Client Testimonials

What’s Being Said

Roisin is an absolute power house, combining an incredible knowledge of nutritional therapy with warmth and enthusiasm she delivers solutions which are tailored completely to the client’s individual needs and lifestyle. Whatever your health concern or health goal may be, Roisin will be there to help and support you every step of the way.


Roisin is very approachable.  She has a great knowledge of food and nutrition and helped me with my health needs. She helped me understand the changes that I needed to make. if you need help with your health I do not hesitate in recommending her.

G, Rathfriland


Contact Me

Have a particular challenge you’re trying to deal with? Contact me today for a free 15 minute discovery call and see what I can do for you.
Consultations available via zoom, telephone, in person or home visit.

11 Ardkeeragh Rd, Newry BT34 1NW, UK

07852 277506

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